Mercedes Benz radio code calculator

Calculate your Mercedes radio code from the serial number. Works for most stereo makes such as Apline, Becker, Blaupunkt, Anatel and more.

Where to find the serial number

You can find the serial number of your Mercedes-Benz radio by removing the unit from the centre console.

Blaupunkt radios


If you have a Blaupunkt unit, you can see the serial number on the label attached to the side of the box. This number always begins with the letters BP, followed by 13 characters. This number is all you need to unlock the code for your Mercedes Truck.

Mercedes Blaupunkt radio serial

Becker radios


Radio models manufactured by Becker have a serial number eight digits long. i.e. 21012736. Please see the image for the exact location. This number is all you need to calculate your Mercedes-Benz radio code.

Mercedes Becker radio serial

Anatel radios - Citan


This radio model produced by Renault Anatel, has a 15-character serial number that always starts with 2815. Enter this number in the form at the top of the page to calculate the radio code.

Mercedes Citan radio serial

Alpine radios


You can get the radio code for your Mercedes with Alpine radio from the 14 characters' serial number. Find this number engraved on the metal of the box. It always starts with the letters AL followed by 12 digits.

Mercedes Alpine radio serial

Panasonic radios

Find the serial number for a Panasonic radio under the barcode, although sometimes you can find them elsewhere. This identification number begins with the letters PA followed by 12 digits. This serial is all you need to calculate your Mercedes radio code.

Mercedes Panasonic radio serial

Compatible models

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checked icon SLK 320

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checked icon Actros

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