Blaupunkt radio code generator

Generate your Blaupunkt code at the instant by entering the 14-digit serial number

blaupunkt radio serial

How to get your Blaupunkt code

Calculate the original activation code for your unit manufactured by Blaupunkt Gmbh or Bosch using the 14-character serial number you can find on the box label. Examples of valid Blaupunkt serial numbers:

  • BP0512 6 3016595
  • CM1312 6 3216531
  • C7E3F0743 B 1848083
  • GM020338431912
  • VWZ1Z2A3902002
  • AUZ1Z3B4903001
  • SKZ1Z1H7870021

How to enter Blaupunkt code

Do you already have the code for your Blaupunkt unit? It's time to introduce it. Press button 1 as many times as necessary until you see the first digit of the code on the screen. We move on to the second digit, repeatedly pressing button 2. We repeat the process with buttons 3 and 4. We make sure that the code is correct and confirm. Depending on the radio model, the button to confirm can be: up arrow, AS button or search button.

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My Blaupunkt code is not working

If you have purchased a Blaupunkt code using our service, but it is not working, don't worry; sometimes it happens. There is a great variety of units, and in some instances, we must do an additional review. If this is your case, let us know by email or chat that you can find on this page.

Compatible models

checked icon Suzuki Ignis

checked icon CAR 300

checked icon Holden

checked icon Alfa Romeo

checked icon CAR 2003

checked icon Fiat

checked icon Peugeot

checked icon Ford Travelpilot

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